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Carrie in Color

Artist Liz Perez | Untitled (Not Gilded Enough)

Artist Liz Perez | Untitled (Not Gilded Enough)

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Medium: Fabric and textile scraps, acrylic and watercolor paints on white card stock

Untitled (Not Gilded Enough) invites viewers to explore texture, color, and emotion. This 9” x 12" artwork pulses with dynamic energy, weaving together elements of abstract floral and botanical motifs with a profound exploration of human emotion and nature's parallels.

At the heart of the composition lies a striking metallic gold horizon, shimmering with an alluring gleam. Yet, this gilded expanse is juxtaposed against the raw, minimal, organic presence of sprouting nature. It serves as a poignant reminder of the richness that lies beyond mere surface appearances.

Cascading down the center of the piece are bold drops, cut from corduroy, ambiguous in their nature—whether they are tears shed in sorrow or the life-giving rain that nurtures growth is left to the interpretation of the viewer. These drops serve as a powerful symbol of the intertwined cycles of life and the complexity of human emotion.

Throughout the artwork, the interplay of pattern, color, and shape invites contemplation, drawing the viewer deeper into its evocative narrative. Each element, meticulously crafted from fabric and textile scraps, carries its own story, adding layers of depth and meaning to the overall composition.

Untitled (Not Gilded Enough) ultimately challenges viewers to look beyond superficial appearances, urging them to delve into the richness of emotion and the intricate tapestry of life itself. In its abstract beauty, this piece serves as a profound meditation on the boundless complexity of existence, inviting viewers to explore the depths within and beyond the shimmering surface.
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