Other Stuff FAQs

How does the Local Pick-up Option work?

At this time, local pick-up is an option exclusively for friends, family, friends and family of friends, neighbors, etc. because my studio is in my home. If you fit into one of those categories you are welcome to select Local Pick-up at checkout to avoid paying shipping charges. You have one of the following options available to you:

  • You pick up from "the bin" at your convenience. If you don't know where the bin is, this option isn't for you. :) 
  • If we are neighbors I'm happy to drop your package on your porch.

I am hoping to be able to offer free shipping on all orders in the future but unfortunately at this time my little shop can't absorb those costs. 

Do you take custom requests? 

I do! The process for that depends on the product...

If you have an idea for custom earrings please reach out! Pricing for custom design work starts at $20 plus the retail cost. The design cost will depend on how complicated a design you are requesting, if they involve painting, etc. There is no formalized process for this currently and no website listing. Please send me an email or DM to discuss your idea. 

I have a number of customizable products available. You can find design-your-own plant propagation stations here and design-your-own earring holders here (there is also an earring holder FAQ). If you see me working with a fabric that is not listed as an option feel free to reach out. If I have extra I'm always happy to fulfill those types of requests for no extra charge. 

If you are interested in custom felted/textile collage work there is an FAQ for that here. Custom slots open periodically as my capacity waxes and wanes. 

What the heck is a Glowforge?

The Glowforge is a laser cutting machine. Mine is named Gloria! :)

Built on laser cutter & engraver technology, Glowforge uses a beam of light the width of a human hair to cut, engrave, and shape designs from a variety of materials. If you are interested in owning a Glowforge and have questions about it feel free to reach out! I also have a personalized referral link that gives you a discount on your Glowforge and a financial treat for me, too! 

Are you done creating original paintings? 

Nope! I love to paint! I may be releasing original paintings from time to time but no where near the frequency and quantity that I did before. 

What about the Carrie in Color calendar? 

I'm planning on keeping the calendar going! This year (2025) will be a preorder so keep an eye out for that! The best way to keep up with release dates is to join our email list or follow on Instagram (@carrie_in_color). 

What kind of earring findings do you use? 

Most ear hooks and stud posts are hypoallergenic and are made of stainless steel or gold plated stainless steel. Jump rings are stainless steel or brass. Some speciality posts are made of other metals. All are nickel-free and the type of posts/hooks used in each design are named in the listing. Please always feel free to switch out your hardware

How often will you release collections? 

I have no idea! (I'm only half joking.) I'm a one-woman show with a fulltime job, a young child, AuDHD and depression! Phew! I am to release a seasonal collection four times a year and that release tends to happen about thirty days before the upcoming solstice or equinox. I release mini-collections in between as they suit my fancy. I will be releasing felted work as it is completed in batches of 4-6 pieces.