Hi! I'm Carrie (surprise!) and I am so glad that you are here! I want to be eating fries right now, I love the moon and sweary words, and I am obsessed with patterns and color.

I’m on a journey to live an authentic, connected, intentional, creative life and I’d love for you to join me. If you would have asked me three years ago, I would have told you I’m not a creative person. Now it drives me batty when I hear other people say this about themselves. I believe that we are all divinely and deeply inspired. Whether we are free to unleash our creative power into the world is another story due to time, stress, fear or whatever else is holding you back.

I was a very creative child– in fact, I’ve worked in early childhood education for over 15 years and I’ve never met a child who isn’t. But I regularly encounter adults who don’t believe themselves to be creative and I thought that about myself for most of my adulthood. What the fuck happened? I’m on a mission to create art and live life in a way that inspires others to slow down and make magic out of every day. To pause notice the exquisite creativity of the world around us as we zoom from one thing to the next. To let our guard down a little and reframe what it means to “be an artist.” To take a chance on you in whatever way believing in yourself feels most resonate to you. Let’s journey together.

I started this biz during the pandemmy as an outlet in early sobriety. I was painting to process a lot of inner chaos and friends started asking if they could buy my work. My original creative love, though, is fabric which I inherited from my mama and her mama. I learned to sew in middle school, sewed my own wedding dress and love nothing more than a darling floral pattern. I'm a multi-disciplinary person with revolving interests and I change up my mediums and offerings unapologetically based on my whims. 

I'd love to get to know you so feel free to say, "Hi!" You can also follow me on Instagram @carrie_in_color to see what I'm up to, get sneak peeks at works in progress, enter giveaways for free lovelies and get the insider scoop on release dates and flash sales!