Collection: Guest Artist | Liz Perez of This TV is Old

Liz Perez is an educator and artist whose vibrant creations resonate with the essence of the human experience. Hailing originally from the eclectic streets of Long Beach, CA, Liz now calls St. Paul, MN her home. Her art serves as a compelling reflection of her diverse cultural background and unwavering commitment to social justice causes.

Drawing inspiration from Mexican folk art and the rich tapestry of human stories, Liz's bold and colorful compositions pulsate with life. Her artistic style embraces abstract collage- akin to patchwork quilting- intricately weaves together shapes, textures, and patterns into captivating abstract collages that invite exploration.

Central to Liz's artistic ethos is her dedication to sustainability and her disdain for the excesses of capitalism. She embraces a resourceful approach by repurposing fabric scraps and vintage textiles, transforming them into breathtaking works of art. Through her art, Liz not only showcases her creativity but also advocates for a more conscientious relationship with our environment.

In Liz's work, Mexican textiles coalesce with an array of patterned fabrics, a homage to her mixed heritage and a nostalgic tribute to the landscapes of her upbringing. Her pieces serve as visual narratives, inviting viewers to explore themes of identity, belonging, and the interconnectedness of cultures.

As both an educator and an artist, Liz Perez embodies a powerful fusion of creativity and advocacy. Her art transcends boundaries, sparking conversations and inspiring change, one vibrant collage at a time.

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