Local Pick-up!

Details on who can select Local Pick-up at Checkout can be found here!
Using local pick-up saves you shipping fees! 
I am a one-woman circus and my studio is in my home. In order to protect the privacy of my family local pick-up is available in the following situations: 
We are pals! If we are friends, neighbors or acquaintances and we've met in real life (very unlikely, I'm antisocial AF) you can select local pick-up to fetch your package from "the bin" that is located outside of our home. Use of the bin is at your own risk of porch pirates although we've never had an issue or had a package stolen and the bin is well concealed and is not actually on the porch. Woot!
We are neighbors! If we have no real life connections but you live in Riverwest I'm happy to drop your package off on your porch! 

If you are a complete stranger to me please do not select local pick-up. I have terrible boundaries but this is one that I am firm about as a mama and a partner who (kind of) respects the privacy of my family. Kthanksbye! :)