Collection: Fayette Road Collection

In March my family bought a house in a town we visited once and moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to a rural community of 2400 people. The past few months have not been without their heartaches and challenges, but my new surroundings inspire and nourish me in ways that I had not imagined possible. 

Harold built our house for his sweetheart Marion in 1955 and they lived here for 67 years. The design, history, energy and surroundings of this place and our town, nestled in the corner of the midwests' Driftless region inspire this work. I already know that this collection will grow over time because the glimmers just keep coming. 

The pieces in this collection are less visually cohesive than collection's past. That's because their common thread is the house at the top of the little hill on Fayette Road and everything that has caught my eye since we moved here was fair game. If you are looking for art to wear that has deep meaning and will make you feel wrapped in love, this is it. I hope that you enjoy these pieces as much as I genuinely enjoyed crafting them for you. 

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