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Carrie in Color

Art for Gaza | Charming Rose Dangles by Stephanie

Art for Gaza | Charming Rose Dangles by Stephanie

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Earrings handmade with upcycled fabric, Carrie in Color earring  blanks, and nickel-free findings by Stephanie in California. 

"I wanted to use the Children's Art Sale for Gaza to inspire me to experiment and play, to embrace the journey more than the end product for once. For months, I had these earrings partially completed with just the fabric in the blanks. But analysis paralysis was keeping me from figuring out what color findings I wanted, what beads to use, how to finish them. I decided to just mess around with them and breathe through any frustration that came up. I remade them multiple times with different bead combinations, allowing the pieces to evolve; evolving with them as I learned to accept the creative process, the moments where we need to disassemble before we can rebuild. There is a lot right now that we need to disassemble and rebuild together. But hopefully these pieces can be a reminder that we ARE in this together: Carrie holding space for us to collectively make and give, me creating these earrings out of love, and you: here, now, reading this, helping in any way you can. <3"

You can find Stephanie's other art and musings on Instagram @bloodmagicbitch and on Etsy!

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