It's #NationalSoberDay!

It's #NationalSoberDay!

Today is National Sober Day which seems for some reason like the perfect day to write my first blog post here. It may seem off color to some that my first blog post on my business website about art is about sobriety and addiction but my sobriety is the reason that I am alive to create art and my art is one of the biggest reasons that I am sober. 

My three year anniversary is coming up in November and I have delighted in reaching a point where not drinking is not a front of mind experience for me every day. One of my closest friends asked me this morning if we missed my 1000th day milestone which we did. It flew right past me and I didn't even know. At first I was disappointed but then I figured that's something to celebrate. 

When I think about the path I've walked over the past 37 years I think a lot about Little Me. About before life got complicated. Before I internalized some of the ugly parts about growing up a girl and queer in this society. Before I lost myself and years of memories to substance abuse. I'm really proud of who she has become. A whole artist and business owner and partner and mom! Holy shit! 

In the future I plan to talk more about the role of art and creative expression in my healing process but for today I'm here just to celebrate.

If you are sober, I send you big love today!

If you have been sober for one day or 100 years, I send you big love!

If you are struggling with your demons and know in your insides that the time to reclaim your life is now, I send you big big love and lots of hugs if you're into hugs and an air high five if you're not.

If you think you can't, you can and there are so many of us out here cheering you one. If you need help finding us and you are in the Milwaukee area check out @soberinthebrewcity on Instagram! 

If you love someone who struggles or has struggled with substance abuse or addiction, I send you big love and gratitude.

Life is hard enough without drugs or alcohol controlling you. This shit is hard. I see you and celebrate you no matter where you are on your journey. 

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