Collection: Designs by Luna

Luna is 7 and these are her designs. 

Let's talk about it. :)

I have been hesitant to allow Luna to sell art on my website because I think it's kind of a bummer that so many of us are pushed into monetizing our hobbies because we live in a late-stage capitalist hellscape. She's been asking for a while now and even though I wish we could all just make art and sprinkle it around like confetti, the need to understand how money works is real. So let's go! 

All of the products in this collection are designed by Luna. She doesn't yet have the dexterity and hand strength to wrap wire so I assist with earring assembly. All of the dollarbucks from her sales will go into her piggy bank. She says that her current wishlist includes: wide leg jeans, orange glitter eye shadow and those [*gross] gummy hamburgers that I will never buy. 

Thanks for supporting her.